The US House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing the use of cannabis

Sunday, December 6, 2020

 The US House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing the use of cannabis

  • The US House of Representatives has passed a landmark bill to end the cannabis ban.
  • After hours of debate in the US House of Representatives on Friday, the bill passed by a majority vote, with 228 members voting in favor of the bill and 164 against.
  • However, the bill is yet to be passed by the Senate, which is unlikely to pass because of Donald Trump's Republican majority.
  • Under the bill, cannabis will be removed from the list of drugs and a 5% tax will be levied on it, which will help small businesses and rehabilitate drug addicts.
  • Adult use of cannabis is allowed for adults in 15 U.S. states, while its use for treatment is allowed in 34 states. However, cannabis use has been banned in the United States for decades.
  •  Ahead of the election, US President-elect Joe Biden said he would support lifting the ban.
  • Just last Wednesday, the UN Commission on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) accepted the World Health Organization's recommendation to remove cannabis from Schedule 4, declaring it less dangerous than before and changing its classification. Has gone
  • Earlier, under the United Nations, cannabis was included in Schedule 4 with drugs such as heroin, but now it has been included in Schedule 1, under which it can be used in medical research and medicine, after which it is hoped. That would pave the way for further research into its use as a treatment for diseases.


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