The PDM gave the government until January 31 to resign

Monday, December 14, 2020

 The PDM gave the government until January 31 to resign

  • The opposition Ittehad-e-Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has given the government until January 31 to resign.
  • A summit meeting was held under the chairmanship of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman in which decisions were taken regarding resignation from assemblies and long march.
  • Talking to media after the meeting, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that members of National and Provincial Assemblies would hand over their resignations to their party leaders by December 31.
  • He said that it was necessary to make it clear that the government should resign by January 31. If the government did not resign, the date of the long march would be announced on February 1.
  • We are not ready to talk to them, 'he said.
  • Fazlur Rehman said that the schedule given by the steering committee to the provinces for the long march would be maintained so the people should start the preparations for the long march from today and the officials would monitor the preparations for the long march.
  • He said that political parties have their own manifesto and contest elections on the same basis. Lahore: We will not harm democracy, this government does not have the capacity to defend Pakistan.
  • The time for talks has passed, it is time for Imran to resign: Bilawal
  • Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that we will make all the decisions together and from the PDM platform, now the time for talks has passed, it is time for Imran to resign.
  • Replying to a question, he said that he was bound by the decision of the Central Executive Committee and Aitzaz Ahsan was also bound by it.
  • He further said that he was going to meet Shahbaz Sharif for condolence, it is part of our tradition, I have applied, now see if permission is granted or not.
  • After going to the people's court, the selected and selectors have to go back: Maryam
  • On this occasion, Maryam Nawaz said that I have never seen such a meeting in my entire life, I did not see any chair, people were standing, listening to the meeting, I complained to the members of the Provincial Assembly that the meeting place was kept small, people I had to stand on the street outside the hall and listen to the speech.
  • He said that it is very unfortunate that something that did not exist was aired by a few channels. I have appreciated the efforts of my Lahore party and MNS. I must say that you have kept the venue small. 
  • Maryam Nawaz said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi arrived an hour late because he could not find his way due to rush, I have not seen so much passion in any meeting in my life, I am surprised, people stood in such cold.
  • Despite the government's tactics, the people of Lahore did not care about anything. We had not left the house yet. Propaganda had been started. I know there is a line of mourning here, 'he said.
  • He said that we have gone to the court of the people, the selected and the selectors have to go back, the selected government has made a way to treat the opponents like enemies, we are definitely rivals of each other but not enemies, the country's political They have signed a common vision on economic and many other issues.
  • It may be recalled that the Pakistan Democratic Movement has directed the members of the National and Provincial Assemblies of the parties in the alliance to submit their resignations to the party leadership on December 8.
  • The opposition has more than 400 members in the national and four provincial assemblies.


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