The law came into force on a 15 million shopping spree

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 The law came into force on a  15 million shopping spree

  • Money trail demanded from wife of man arrested for corruption
  • England: The money trail is something that has gotten many of the world's richest people in trouble. The same money trail has made life difficult for Pakistan's elite and many businessmen, including politicians, are waiting for change outside the country. However, in developed countries, the money trail does not allow you to get rid of the neck easily and the law is fully enforced.
  • According to reports, a woman from Azerbaijan has faced a big problem in London due to money laundering. Because this woman spent so much money on shopping that the law of London came into force and she got into trouble. Haji Eva, a shopping enthusiast from Azerbaijan, created legal problems for herself by buying 15 million pounds in the UK.
  • According to the international news agency, Zamira Haji Eva had bought more than 15 million pounds from the well-known London shop Herod's, including a 12 million pound house near the store and a golf course in Berkshire. There was a time when the British police started an investigation against him for doing so much shopping. The investigation revealed that Zamira Haji Eva is the wife of a government bank employee in Azerbaijan and her detained husband is accused of embezzling millions of pounds.
  • The woman appealed to a British court against an 'unexplained wealth order' following an investigation by property investigators, but the court rejected the appeal, after which she may lose her  12 million home in London The couple had a fortune of more than 22 22 million two years ago, but now they have to declare their assets. Haji Eva has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crime in the UK. However, the court has ordered her to submit details of her assets. Relief will be available, otherwise not.


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