The first New Year 2021 begins in New Zealand

Thursday, December 31, 2020

 The first New Year 2021 begins in New Zealand

  • A spectacular fireworks display at Auckland's Sky Tower to celebrate the New Year, people welcomed the new year, Auckland's sky lit up with fireworks, and special attention was paid to Corona SOPs as they celebrated.
  • Auckland: The New Year has begun in New Zealand, with New Zealand being the first to welcome the New Year, with spectacular fireworks displays on Auckland's Sky Tower in celebration of the New Year. According to the details, the New Year has been welcomed in New Zealand, the New Year 2020 has started in New Zealand.
  • In Auckland, the sky lit up with fireworks. A spectacular fireworks display was held at the start of the new year, with large crowds gathering in Auckland's Sky Tower to welcome the new year.
  • On this occasion, people also prayed for a good New Year. This year, SOPs were also kept special because of Corona.
  • It is known that the new year will take 26 hours to travel around the world.
  • The new year 2020 will start in Pakistan after 12 o'clock tonight. The start of the new year in India will be at 11:30 pm Pakistan time. The new year in Iran will start at half past midnight. The New Year will begin in Sydney, Australia, after Auckland, New Zealand. There will be fireworks at the Sydney Bridge and the Opera House. The New Year in Sydney will start at 6 pm Pakistan time.
  • The New Year in the United States will begin tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pakistan time. The new year in Germany will start tomorrow at 4 am Pakistani time. The New Year in the UK starts tomorrow at 5am. The new year in Canada will start tomorrow at 9 am and in Japan at 8 pm, the new year in China will start at 9 pm. Australian High Commissioner Dr Jeffrey Shaw congratulated Pakistan on the occasion of New Year and said that Australia and Pakistan are long standing friends. Hopefully next year Pak-Australia relations will be even more welcome. In the same way, with the beginning of the new year, a series of good wishes and messages have been sent to each other all over the world.


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