Sanjay Dutt's clear refusal to make difficult action stunts easier with the film

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 Sanjay Dutt's clear refusal to make difficult action stunts easier with the film

  • Bollywood superstar Sajjan Dutt has recently beaten cancer and has resumed shooting for the film.
  • Actor Sanjay Dutt overcame a fatal illness and went straight to Bangalore to shoot his film KGF2.
  • According to Indian media, the film's director Prashnath Neel, producer Vijay Kargandor and other cast members including the film's lead actor Yash had suggested that Sanjay Dutt's action stunts be changed to make it easier, but the actor flatly refused.
  • Sajjan Dutt said that I should not be insulted by simplifying my action stunts that I cannot do action scenes, I will do all scenes as written, there will be no compromise and no chatting.
  • According to media reports, the actress shot all the action scenes herself, even the most dangerous scene which was earlier rejected by Sanjay Dutt, was shot with great skill.
  • According to Indian media, actress Naveen Kumar Gowda (Yash) suggested that Sanjay Dutt should remove the dirt from the place where the fight is to take place and the place should be well sanitized. Rejected.
  • Sanju Baba said that if the dust is cleaned, how will my scenes look on the big screen, the viewers are very clever, they can understand the tampering.
  • The KGF2 team was very impressed with Sanjay Dutt's words and actor Yash called Sanjay Dutt a real fighter and hero.
  • Remember that KGF2 is a sequel to the 2018 action thriller GF1.


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