Russia weighs in on nuclear war, Western countries sleep deprived

Friday, December 11, 2020

 Russia weighs in on nuclear war, Western countries sleep deprived

  • Russian military successfully tests missile from submarine, NATO calls for tough action
  • MOSCOW (Reuters) - A number of international contractors, including the United States, were deprived of sleep when several missiles were fired into the air from the nuclear field of a Russian submarine at Brent Sea. The message to the enemy stakeholders was that we are ready to face any unforeseen situation.
  • Western nations have long believed that Russia was challenging us to war, and given Russia's nuclear arsenal, the NATO chief has already signaled to allied nations to take strong action against Russia. The successful test of nuclear missiles at the border has further fueled differences between superpowers.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said the intercontinental missile had been successfully tested from a nuclear submarine at Brent Sea.
  • Tensions between the West and Russia have been rising since the experiment, and while NATO member states were concerned about Russia's pre-existing nuclear weapons, they are now in a dilemma as to what to do. If Russia is not stopped now, it will continue to advance in this technology. Not only that, but Russia has also successfully tested cruise missiles with TU-160 and TU-95 strategic bombers at various locations.
  • These cruise missiles hit the target with great success. It should be noted that before this, Russia has also launched tanks equipped with modern technology and nuclear missiles have also been delivered to the territorial waters. It seems that the third world war Russia, not any other country, has a central role to play. That is why it is talking eye to eye with other powerful countries and is running day and night in the race for nuclear weapons. However, only time will tell how far he has come in this field.


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