Relations with US could improve after Trump, China

Monday, December 7, 2020

 Relations with US could improve after Trump, China

  • BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jiechi has stressed the need for dialogue to resolve disputes, saying relations with the United States could improve after President Trump leaves office.
  • According to the World News Agency, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Zhi, in his address to the China-US Business Council, expressed hope that bilateral relations with the United States would improve. Relationships can be restored.
  • Foreign Minister Wang Zhi added that the resolution of the dispute is in the "table talk" and that it is a good time for both countries to make major changes in the US administration, which has increased the likelihood of policy easing and neutrality.
  • The Chinese Foreign Minister's statement came as the US Secretary of State condemned the lawsuits against public representatives in Hong Kong and hinted at new sanctions on Chinese officials, which were strongly protested by a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. ۔
  • It should be noted that under US President Donald Trump, relations between the two countries have been extremely tense, which has had a profound effect on the global economy.


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