Modi's India and the Jammu and Kashmir question

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Modi's India and the Jammu and Kashmir question 

  • The disaster that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is driving India to is sufficient to destroy India, and yet he is keen on consuming the harmony and quietness of the whole area. 
  • Narendra Modi is seeking after the plan and declaration of the psychological militant and radical association RSS, which depends on enemy of Muslim estimations in India. Needs full advancement. 
  • This favorable to standing association has likewise activated Hindu Pandits against minorities and as per sources colossal amounts of cash are being circulated to accomplish this objective which is an endeavor to make a perilous circumstance. 
  • It is likewise discovered that there might be another endeavor to slaughter Muslims in India. There are likewise plans to end the Sikh development. To put it plainly, the Modi government is all around inside India and its neighbors. It is set on fanning the flares of contempt and battle with nations.
  • The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is also trying to establish a one-party system throughout India and maintain the rule of the BJP so that Muslims and other minorities within India are subjected to such oppression. Can be terminated or suppressed.
  • Today, due to the implementation of this plan, India is suffering from severe internal turmoil, the economy is in a shambles, there is a world of panic everywhere in India, no one knows when and in what area riots will start.
  • RSS goons seek the lives of minorities, especially Muslims, seek and make excuses to rob them of their honor and property, millions of people inside India are living far below the poverty line, the majority are such people. Those who get other facilities do not even have two meals a day.
  • India has the highest number of homeless people in the world, millions of people in urban areas do not even have huts, millions of children are born on the sidewalks every year and grow up on the sidewalks.
  • The international magazine "The Economist" has opened the floodgates of democracy and government claims in so-called secular India, but perhaps the situation in India is even worse.
  • The fact is that the Indian courts are also subject to the Modi government, no action is taken on any petition against the government and Hindutva and even if there is, the decision is in favor of the government and Hindutva, in any court proceedings by minorities. Justice is not visible, human rights are being violated in India, there is probably no other example in the world.
  • A meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has passed a resolution on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in which Jammu and Kashmir has been recognized as a disputed territory.
  • The resolution said that the Jammu and Kashmir dispute has been on the agenda of the Security Council for more than 70 years and there are several resolutions in this regard. The measures of August 5, 2019 are a blatant insult and violation of these resolutions.
  • The Modi government wants to turn the majority of Muslims in occupied Kashmir into a minority through these measures. Jammu and Kashmir is a contested and involved domain. ۔
  • The OIC strongly condemns all such Indian initiatives and urges the United Nations to urge India to resolve all disputes, including Jammu and Kashmir, through past agreements and international law.
  • The adoption of this resolution by the OIC is a positive development which is a diplomatic success for Pakistan and a defeat for India. But the Kashmir issue will be difficult to resolve for the next one thousand years only with condemnatory resolutions and demands.
  • The OIC countries should take practical steps against India in such a way that the Kashmiris can be convinced that they are with the Kashmiris. On the other hand, the United Nations exists but it does not have a soul.
  • All operations are limited to meetings. If the United Nations cannot stop India, if it cannot take any action against Israel, then how can it stop the United States from taking action against Iran, Iraq and Syria?
  • Until Muslims escape their inclinations and join as per the Holy Qur'an and hold quick to the rope of God and forsake the quest for common help and stroll on the most grounded backing and trust of God Almighty, Kashmir and Will Palestine and different nations become slaves? 
  • Let the political heads of Pakistan and the whole country join together, put individual and political interests behind them. India can make any move inside Pakistan and on the outskirt whenever. Pakistani powers are consistently prepared. Political pioneers ought to likewise satisfy their obligation.


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