MEXICO: To meet his girlfriend, the lover dug a tunnel to her house

Thursday, December 31, 2020

 MEXICO: To meet his girlfriend, the lover dug a tunnel to her house

The architect used a unique tunnel method to keep the relationship with the married woman secret

  • MEXICO CITY: Stories of someone falling in love and crossing the river on a raw pot may have been heard by everyone, but there is also a lover who dug an underground tunnel to his house to meet his beloved. The incident took place in Mexico where a construction expert dug a tunnel in love with a married woman to make it easier to meet. The relationship was also kept secret.
  • The tunnel meetings have been going on for some time and there is no reliable information about the distance between the two houses. Both relationships were secret.One day, the husband of a woman who worked in a security company Came home before. The husband saw both of them and pulled the Albertonami man out of the back of the sofa. The husband then saw a hole in the sofa that was going to the ground from his house. Reached home and finished.
  • The man saw his wife sleeping at Alberto's house. Alberto begged her to leave because he was trying to hide the matter from his wife. George disobeyed and made a noise. A fight broke out between the two.Police arrived on the scene and
  • Saved both. The parties were shifted to the police station for further investigation. Earlier, another Mexican man had to be rescued from a tunnel he had built to keep an eye on his ex-partner. The 50-year-old had been in a relationship for 14 years and had apparently been in trouble. He was rescued from a makeshift tunnel outside his home in Porto Panesco, Oriente, in the state of Sonora, which he built to keep an eye on.


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