Kasur: A heartless father threw 5 children into a canal

Saturday, December 5, 2020

 Kasur: A heartless father threw 5 children into a canal

  • In Kasur, a heartless father threw his five children into a canal.
  • According to rescue sources, the search operation was launched as soon as the information was received and the bodies of 2 children were recovered from BS Link Canal near Chakoki while rescue operation is underway in BS Link Canal to find the other 3 children.
  • According to sources, the dead children include one-year-old Ahmed and four-year-old Fiza, while the search for 3-year-old Tasha, 5-year-old Zain and 7-year-old Nadia is on.
  • Police say the father who threw the children into the canal is a resident of Attari Work, but the reason for throwing the children into the canal has not been revealed.
  • On the other hand, according to DPO Kasur, a team headed by DSP Chunian has been formed to investigate the incident.


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