Karak: 31 arrested for temple vandalism, JUI leader also named in the case

Thursday, December 31, 2020

 Karak: 31 arrested for temple vandalism, JUI leader also named in the case

  • Thirty-one people have been arrested for vandalism and arson at a temple in Karak District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while 350 people, including the JUI district chief, have been named in the case.
  • Protesters against the expansion of a Hindu temple in Terry village of Banda Daud Shah Tehsil in Karak District had vandalized the temple building and set it on fire yesterday.
  • The locals said that the expansion of the temple was not acceptable in any case, it was not a Hindu samadhi but a tomb of a Muslim.
  • When contacted in this regard, Pandit Tanveer Chand of the Hindus said that the Samadhi of Divya Jian Devas, who had died here in 1919, was built at Terry.
  • Rohit Kumar Advocate says that we bought this place from a person named Inayatullah in Terry for Rs. 6.5 million by the trust. Talks about this have been going on for about a year and a half An agreement was reached with the local elders and Rs 6.5 million was transferred to our name.
  • There is a copy of the agreement which clearly states that the Hindu community can repair it and build a wall.
  • Advocate Rohit Kumar said that even today they were trying to demolish the dilapidated wall of the temple and build a new one when enraged people, who were regularly prepared, stormed the temple.
  • On the other hand, DPO Karak Irfanullah said that the Hindus wanted to expand the temple which angered the locals and damaged the temple.
  • He said that a case of burning and vandalism of the temple has been registered against more than 350 people, including JUI District Ameer Maulana Mir Zaqeem, and 31 people have been arrested.
  • Irfanullah said that one person, Rehmat Salam Khattak, was arrested from his house while raids were being carried out to arrest more accused.
  • Maulana Zaqeem, District Ameer of JUI-K, said that as soon as he came to know about the incident, he rushed to the spot and urged the people to remain calm but before that the angry people had damaged the temple or the house.
  • He further said that there are no Hindus in the entire Karak district, Hindus from outside want to come here and spread their propaganda, the claim of Hindus that someone was buried here is wrong.
  • District Ameer JUI Karak said that the grave here belongs to a Muslim whom Hindus are trying to propagate by giving his name.
  • On the other hand, when the endowment department was contacted, they said that this incident was a temple which we have also decorated for the department and there is a temple in the papers.


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