Iran does not want to close the last window on nuclear weapons

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 Iran does not want to close the last window on nuclear weapons

  • US ready to negotiate 2015 nuclear deal to avoid possible confrontation with Iran
  • Tehran: The United States and Iran have begun to move forward in a positive way to normalize the situation on the 2015 deal. In this regard, the German Foreign Minister told the media that as Iran He says he does not want to close the last window of negotiations, so he must remain steadfast on the nuclear deal he struck in 2015, and we stand with Iran in that regard.
  • For the first time in almost a year, a virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries was held in which it was hoped that the situation would improve. And Russia is working together to end the recent confrontation between Iran and the United States and move towards peace.
  • The three European countries are confident that the new US leadership will respond positively to the deal and that US relations with Iran will return to normal forever, as President-elect Joe Biden has said in advance. The United States should focus on the deal while normalizing its relations with Iran and avoid any kind of malice.
  • But the way Israel attacked Iran as a cowardly war and the United States sided with it in this regard is the reason why Iran has revolted and the Iranian leadership had also stated that a change of US leadership would lead to Iran There will be no change in their thinking. Now, on the one hand, the United States has adopted an aggressive stance that sometimes its bombers are seen violating Russia's territorial waters, and on the other hand, its nuclear submarine floats in the Strait of Hormuz. Looks like
  • The United States will also have to change its double standards. However, Syria and Dell member states in the European Union have indicated that they will implement the 2015 agreement between Iran and the United States in the next few weeks or at most a month. The deal will succeed and peace will prevail in the region.


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