Inhumane treatment of Rohingya Muslims, video goes viral

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

 Inhumane treatment of Rohingya Muslims, video goes viral

Human traffickers treat migrants like sheep or goats.

  • Rohingya: Yesterday, the International News Agency released a video that went viral like wildfire. The photo shows hundreds of young people aboard a ship-sized boat at sea, wearing a rag in the name of clothing. The human traffickers who took them are torturing them, which these young people are not doing.
  • This video has raised voices against human traffickers all over the world. These are the young people who are fed up with the atrocities in Burma and want to go to Malaysia or any other country and have fallen into the hands of human traffickers. According to the report, human trafficking is being carried out with the help of security forces and fishermen. Poor youths are risking their lives to go to Malaysia.
  • Poor Rohingya youth try to go to Malaysia for  2,000 dollars. But this journey leads them to the brink of death. According to the International News Agency, Rohingya refugees are caught in the trap of brutal smugglers, who try to smuggle them into Malaysia in large boats like animals.
  • Refugees are brutally tortured along the way, bodies are thrown into the sea if anyone dies, often the whole boat is seen in the waves of the sea, hundreds of people are killed. Myanmar government and Buddhist extremists One million Rohingya Muslims fleeing the horrific massacre by the Taliban are living in Cox's Bazar, the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh.


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