Indian state terrorism, what should Pakistan do?

Friday, December 18, 2020

 Indian state terrorism, what should Pakistan do?

  • In the previous issue of the column on the ongoing issue of the new constitution, we would like to briefly cover the Indian state terrorism against Pakistan which has been exposed by the international media for 15 years and compare it with our own ability to counter it. The question was raised, what should we do to give a fruitful response to the ongoing Indian Fifth Generation War against Pakistan on our soil and in 116 countries?
  • To meet this great, national, urgent and sensitive need, it is important to understand that India's war against Pakistan has a multi-disciplinary approach and systematic application, dominated by communication science.
  • With the help of IT, modern banking, development science and all the required sciences, a secret international system has been set up to set nefarious goals. This is more of a vicious war of attrition than the traditional propaganda of science and the mere application of psychological warfare to demoralize the enemy (Pakistan), to elevate ourselves, to discredit us and to serve ourselves and to convince the world. It is a one-sided and sustained Indian state effort to tear apart stability, create a gulf between forces and people and lead to economic catastrophe.
  • In this invisible war, instead of attacking the borders, they have to launch liberation and provincialism movements with "local assistance", intensify them, and intimidate the nation by carrying out direct targeted killings and deadly bombings. Politically hollowing out and freezing are India's ongoing goals, with more than one tactic being used in a very systematic manner with local support.
  • Certainly our gross state incompetence (made up of malice and incompetence) has caused irreparable damage to Pakistan in the years of unilateral aggression by India, despite the grace and grace of The world-recognized fact of confronting India in conventional warfare and even going beyond nuclear capability did not allow New Delhi to finally succeed in its nefarious intentions.
  • Eventually, he finds himself in a dire situation. Its attractive image as a "modern developing secular republic" is not due to Pakistan's allegations in the world, but to Modi's Hindutva political philosophy, policy-making in its light and unconstitutional decisions against certain sections.
  • The background of Modi's radical personality, his fascist style of governing and what has happened and is happening in India are all recorded in international institutions, organizations and diplomatic reports, according to authentic and Pakistani statements and by the Indian oppressed classes. Ah is a complete reflection of Wabka.
  • This is a favorable situation in which Pakistan is in the best position to prepare for a war-like fifth generation war like the traditional war preparations against India and the Strategic Balance of Power.
  • In this regard, Pakistan has the resources and potential to increase its power, but it also needs to cooperate with its strategic partner in this field, because India itself, Pakistan and China are not alone in the Fifth Generation War. Rather, it is more operational and on the front line.
  • Its partners, its experts are big and have a scientific approach, but the results of the US election have created favorable conditions for Pakistan even in this situation, provided that Pakistan uses new instruments instead of traditional instruments of diplomacy and new experiments. Design.
  • The fact is that with the change of government in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there was a clear sense of activity and freshness, but it also showed color, but the favorable situation is emerging and new difficult diplomatic challenges are emerging. Doesn't seem to fit.
  • The main requirement of the Fifth Generation War, where the interdisciplinary approach has the option, is to adopt the much-needed participatory approach to achieve results, which will lead to the coherent system that Pakistan has for the "Fifth Generation War". The capacity building will show that right now it is only visible on social media with a very limited effect, even with big flaws, some journalists with national thinking and ordinary citizens are experimenting with it for themselves.
  • Beyond the goals of the "Fifth Generation War", the "war" alone is not necessary to remedy the dire situation that India has inflicted on Pakistan in its 15-year unilateral war.
  • In order to bring about the desired change in our own style of governing and political and social attitudes, it is necessary to review and abandon traditional and limited-impact or disaster-type (which has been a lot in the past) communication operations. Brainstorming should be arranged through counseling.
  • This will pave the way for the establishment of a much-needed "National Communication Support System" that identifies all areas of national communication needs, resources, existing and required requirements beyond the Fifth Generation War. And there will be active action to achieve the goals.
  • In this regard, selected think tanks from the Ministries of Information, Science and Technology, ISPR and major universities should work together to organize an initial brainstorming session. It should not be forgotten that the demand for national defense and security will now be broadly based which we as a vigilant nation have to meet.


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