If you can stop, stop

Saturday, December 5, 2020

 If you can stop, stop

  • In the old Pakistan GDP was 5.8%, in the new Pakistan it fell to 1.90% in 2019 and for this year it is likely to fall to minus 0.40%. If you can stop, stop, but there is no one to stop you.
  • According to the World Bank, India's GDP growth this year will be 5.40%, Sri Lanka's 3.30%, Afghanistan's 2.50%, Bangladesh's 1.60% and dear country Pakistan's 0.50%.
  • 2.5 percent of Afghanistan and 0.5 percent of Imran Khan's new Pakistan, we made it a condition that Pakistan's GDP growth was better than ours.
  • According to the International Monetary Fund, inflation in India will be 3.5% this year, in Afghanistan 3.8%, in Bangladesh 5.5%, in Sri Lanka 6% and in Pakistan 12%.
  • In this regard too, Imran Khan pushed Pakistan back from Afghanistan and the poor Pakistani is crying and begging for inflation, if you can stop it, but there is no one to stop it.
  • The value of US dollar in old Pakistan was 116 rupees while now in new Pakistan one dollar is being exchanged for 160 rupees. If you can stop it, stop it, the revolving debt of 2018 was 1100 billion in old Pakistan.
  • In 2019, Imran Khan's government reached Rs 1565 billion and reached Rs 2240 billion in 2020. This debt is also challenging to stop if you can, but no one can stop because the government is in the hands of the mafia, in old Pakistan. During 2018, the per capita income of Pakistanis was 16 1652.
  • In Imran Khan's new Pakistan, it decreased to 14 1455 in 2019 and further decreased to 13 1355 in 2020. If it continues to decrease at the same pace, Khakim Badhan will come at a time when it will be less than five hundred dollars, Pakistani poor He is shouting that if you can stop, then stop but there is no one to stop because government policies are making Pakistan rich.
  • In Zardari's old Pakistan, the country's debt was increasing by Rs 5 billion a day, in Nawaz Sharif's old Pakistan it was rising by Rs 8 billion, while in Imran Khan's new Pakistan it was rising by Rs 20 billion a day.
  • Voices are being raised that if you can stop, stop, but Hafeez Sheikh has no worries because he knows that after ruling, he will go out, in the new Pakistan in a year, the price of tomatoes 117%, potatoes Prices have risen by 64%, pulses by 41%, eggs by 40% and sugar by 32%.
  • The screams of the poor are coming out and he is shouting that if you can stop then stop but there is no one to stop because where do the billionaires sitting around Imran Khan go to the bazaar themselves.
  • We were told that if Imran Khan came, he would provide jobs to crores of people in a few months, but in the first year of his government, the number of unemployed youth increased to 5.80 million, while in the second year, the number of unemployed increased to 6.65 million.
  • Unemployment is increasing day by day and is shouting and challenging to stop if you can, but there is no one to stop it because Imran Khan's darlings Zulfi Bukhari and others have jobs.
  • We were told that Imran Khan would come. Will deposit billions of dollars. A few billion dollars will hit the IMF in the face and the rest will be spent on the poor, but when Imran Khan came, the economy was completely handed over to the IMF. Representatives of the IMF, who came to Pakistan on a short visit, were made Finance Ministers. An IMF representative was appointed governor of the SBP.
  • The IMF is making economic policies and every day it is challenging our national pride and saying that if you can stop, stop, but why should they stop because after gaining power, these people will go back to the United States and Britain.
  • We were told that if Imran Khan came then Pakistan would become a paradise and people from outside world would come to Pakistan to get employment.
  • Zulfi Bukhari, Shahbaz Gul, Hafeez Sheikh and a few others have come to Pakistan for employment but the rest are fleeing from Pakistan. We are shouting that if you can stop these precious people from leaving then stop but there is no one to stop because this government does not need high minds but long tongues like Shahbaz Gul.
  • We were told that as soon as the change came, PIA would be made the number one airline in Pakistan again, but as soon as the change came, PIA's plane was destroyed by its own hands.
  • Our pilots who trained the pilots of Emirates Airlines are notorious all over the world. Today our ships cannot go to Europe. So everyone is shouting that if you can stop Europe from making such decisions, stop it, but no one cares because the overseas business of the advisers close to the Prime Minister is flourishing.
  • Promises were made to the nation that if change comes then Pakistani people will be freed from mafias and free economic policies will be adopted keeping in view the poor but today mafias of Pakistan and all over the world are attacking Pakistan.
  • Multinational mafias, construction mafias, sugar mafias, industrial mafias, flour mafias, even media mafias are all in government and all economic policies are being made according to their will and intentions.
  • These various mafias have been challenging the PTI revolutionaries every day to stop if you can, while on the other hand, the poor, devastated by poverty and unemployment, are crying out that if you can stop the servants of Allah, stop but stop No one, but every day these mafias are strengthening their circle around Imran Khan.


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