Human rights activist Karima Baloch's body found in Toronto

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 Human rights activist Karima Baloch's body found in Toronto

  • Karima Baloch, a 37-year-old human rights activist, has lived in Canada for the past five years, according to British News.
  • Toronto police on Sunday appealed to the public to provide information on his disappearance, but have now confirmed that they have found Karima Baloch's body.
  • Police say they have not yet found any concrete evidence of his death.
  • On the other hand, the leader of the Baloch Solidarity Committee, Mahrang, held a press conference and said that the alleged murder of Karima Baloch, a Baloch woman leader in Canada, was reprehensible.
  • He further said that Karima Baloch had gone missing in Canada a day ago and her body was later found. This is not the first case of Karima Baloch being killed abroad. Earlier, a journalist named Sajid Baloch was killed in Sweden.
  • He said that there would be a nationwide protest against the killing and protest rallies would be held in Quetta and Hub tomorrow.


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