Harmful gas emissions at record levels, the world is heading for disaster

Thursday, December 10, 2020

 Harmful gas emissions at record levels, the world is heading for disaster

  • The United Nations has warned in its latest report that the world's greenhouse gas emissions have reached record levels, causing the average global temperature to rise by 3 degrees Celsius.
  • According to the report, last year's greenhouse gas emissions were at record levels, leading to severe weather around the world, rapid melting of ice in the Arctic, heatwaves in Siberia and wildfires in the United States. Incidents increased.
  • In addition, the European Climate Change Organization said in its report that November was the hottest month on record so far, while 2020 is set to be the warmest year in history.
  • According to the report, if the emissions of harmful gases in 2019 are converted into carbon dioxide, then a record 59.1 gigatonnes of gas was released into the atmosphere.
  • The global economy has slowed down this year due to the Corona epidemic, which has led to a temporary drop in gas emissions.
  • This week marks the fifth anniversary of the 2015 Global Climate Agreement, and the UK and the United Nations are hosting an online event. All countries in the world are under pressure to set tougher targets to combat climate change.


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