Faraz, don't let the governments come to you

Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Faraz, don't let the governments come to you

Faraz don't come to make love to you

Referring to Imran Khan's statement:

Faraz, don't let the governments come to you

  • Imran Khan has spoken the truth that "no political party should come into government without preparation." When he came to power, it only took three months to understand the issues.
  • The opposition was expected to make fun of this fact, which it did. The fact is that most governments come to us unprepared. Instead of daring to speak the truth like Imran Khan, he used to say that it is only a few months since we came to power, now be patient. Khan Sahib has said this in a slightly truthful manner. If Khan Sahib had not wasted 126 days in sit-ins and had learned to govern, he would not have had to tell this bitter truth today. We don't even have a system to teach the government. The mother of parliamentary rule is Britain.
  • It is said that when Major John was the Prime Minister and the prospects of forming a Labor government were approaching, he wrote a letter to Tony Blair saying that none of his leaders had been in government for twelve years. So appoint a few members to train you. The government will train them. Since you are not in government. So you have to pay for it. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had the experience of being in the first cabinet. So they ruled well. With full readiness when the army takes over the government. The acquaintances know that there are reports of what to do in the government. An annual report is prepared. Which only takes several months. It is called the National Strategy Paper.
  • The action plan is given after reviewing the economic, political and social defense issues of the country. It also warns of potential dangers. It is offered with great care. The then head of government is also invited to attend. Military rulers take a keen interest in it. Elected political rulers always postpone it. Participate for a very short time, while political governments themselves do not bother to report.
  • The United States has a presidential system. There, every four years, think tanks across the country prepare comprehensive comprehensive reports on all areas during the election year. Foreign policy report makers often visit important countries. These reports are presented to the winning party in the election. This is how the latest situation in each sector comes to the fore. From these reports, they formulate action plans for the next four years. On January 20, when the new president is sworn in and he has appointed members of his team. It is easy for him not to take these members from the elected members. He appoints the experts who are experienced in every field, the experts who work on the affairs of that field.
  • In a parliamentary system, the government can change at any time. Therefore, the relevant opposition parties appoint a shadow cabinet. Their in-charges monitor the performance of each ministry on a daily basis and are ready to deal with matters.
  • We have not had such a tradition from the beginning. Every party has experience in overthrowing the government. Non-political organizations also cooperate in this. No one has the experience to form and run a government. It is often thought that when they come into government, they will run the government with the help of secretaries. There is more satisfaction if the army and the government are on the same page. Now that the 11 parties are not shying away from pushing the people into Corona's mouth to overthrow the Imran government, none of them has formed a formal shadow cabinet.
  • I repeatedly urge the nationwide organization of parties because they provide data and feedback to party headquarters. The central leadership of the party is aware. Today's headquarters of the country's troubled political leadership have regular experienced staff for research and work. Who does not have to be a party member.
  • The new headquarters of the Labor Party in the United Kingdom covers 1,150 square meters. The shadow cabinet sits there. The Conservative Party's offices are in the 387-foot-tall Mill Bank Tower. Turkish President Erdogan's party has a multi-storey headquarters in Ankara. Where work is done all the time. The seven-storey building of the new BJP head office in India has 70 rooms. The Congress has shifted its office from 24 Akbar Road to 9 Kotla Road to six storey Indira Gandhi Bhavan.
  • I remember that in 1988, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's secretary Syed Mohibullah Shah used to lash out at the situation.  As soon as we have a government, the whole party moves to the Presidency or the Prime Minister's House. Party offices do not matter, there is still no daily work in any party head office.
  • A common experience in every government is that technocrats are sought for certain technical ministries, relying on their experience. This is how the World Bank joins the IMF government. Now Imran Khan's true words should be learned from him instead of being considered as his incompetence. The big parties should not only organize their regular operational head offices. Provincial and district headquarters should also be set up for data and feedback from each area. Otherwise, not working hours but months and years will be wasted. 


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