Drink donkey's milk to avoid corona

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 Drink donkey's milk to avoid corona

  • Donkey milk was scarce across the country and people started making farms
  • Lebanon: It is said that in the world of trouble, whoever gives advice will follow it without any research or confirmation. That is why, even when problems arise on a large scale, rumors are more important than reality. Ever since the Corona epidemic swept the world, different All sorts of rumors and tips to get rid of Corona have gone viral.
  • Apart from coffee, there was a lot of talk about Sana Mickey in Pakistan as well as various ways to avoid Corona and later it was found out that there is no such thing. The latest of these is to drink donkey's milk to avoid Corona's war.
  • According to sources, the demand for donkey's milk has increased in Albania on reports of being effective against the corona virus.
  • According to media reports, locals say that the demand for this milk has increased because it is rich in vitamins and strengthens the human immune system. After the increase in the demand for donkey milk, in farm houses and enclosures. Donkeys are being bred. Elton Kakia, a farmhouse manager, said it was becoming increasingly difficult to meet the demand for milk. There is no scientific evidence that donkey's milk is effective against the corona virus, but nutritionists believe that the ingredients in donkey's milk boost immunity, and that drinking it may also help the body fight corona Be born


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