Tuesday, December 1, 2020


  • Shutting one's eyes won't change the scene, nor will disregarding them deflect occasions. We are running towards the showdown, however the public authority, the resistance and the foundation are completely blindfolded. Everybody realizes that the nation will endure in the contention. First there will be pressure in legislative issues and afterward there will be more disturbance in the economy. Every one of the three gatherings are asked not to do as such, not to do as such. The answer for the nation's issues isn't encounter, yet compromise. Go to the Grand National Dialog and consider taking the nation forward. 
  • The Multan rally was a trailer, with conflicts, pressures, conflicts, poisonous gas and captures. All classes in the nation have become stale ponies despite the fact that the drum of governmental issues has rung. The Lahore meeting is going to occur and afterward the require a long walk should be given. The resistance likewise has the alternative of aggregate renunciations, however it is assessed that the PPP will initially demand utilizing the long walk choice. Long walk call and afterward execution. Either there will be pressures like Multan all over, if individuals are halted there will be battles and implement charges all over the place and if individuals arrive at Islamabad or Rawalpindi it will be considerably more hard to manage them. Each state has its own science,Believe it or not, state foundations have consistently assumed a definitive part in the legislative issues of our state. This ought not occur, yet it has occurred before. Benazir Bhutto was going to go on a long walk with the assistance of Punjab Chief Minister Manzoor Wattoo when a call for talks came from Rawalpindi daily back. Without a long walk, the public authority was broken up and the way was cleared for new races. The subsequent major long walk drove by Mian Nawaz Sharif left Lahore for the reclamation of the legal executive. The guard had quite recently arrived at Gujranwala when Army Chief General Kayani's call came that the public authority had consented to reestablish the legal executive.
  • Long marches or sit-ins have so far proved to be the most effective weapon in overthrowing or bending governments. Once a sit-in begins, it is difficult for both the administration and the government to end or remove it. No one wants blood to be bad. The administration especially wants to avoid this situation.That is why even if the conditions of the sit-in protesters are strict and unacceptable, the establishment in Rawalpindi and Islamabad will accept them. Some say that the opposition extremists are insisting that the sit-in of 50,000 people should continue till the demand for three resignations is met but on the other hand the moderates are talking about only one resignation and they think that If the long march proves to be really effective, they can be as successful as the long marches and sit-ins of the past.
  • It is also suggested that the system be challenged in such a way as to make it difficult for it to function. If indeed all the opposition decides to resign en masse then it will be impossible for the government to run the system then there will be no way for the government except to go for new elections but in my humble opinion the government, the opposition and the establishment are all stubborn. Are making a mistake. The way the opposition wants to overthrow the government, even if it succeeds, will lead to more instability in the country instead of democratic stability. The attitude of the government is the worst, it is provoking the opposition and drowning itself and the system.
  • Everyone expects neutrality from the Establishment but the Opposition believes that the Establishment unnecessarily aids and abets the Government while opposing the Opposition. Obviously, the establishment needs to correct this impression. Pakistan's three major stakeholders, the government, the opposition and the establishment, are seeing a fire. The confrontation has begun, but the three are playing the flute like Nero, the last emperor of Rome, and the country is rapidly burning in the fires of hatred, political interests and personal strife, so ask all three sides, don't Don't do thatAll stop in their places, review and think, these three are on the wrong path. The three-year term of the government is yet to come. There is a need for consensus among political parties, the government and the opposition to reduce the term of government by one year. The Charter of Democracy also specified a four-year term, but at the same time to ensure that the next election is impartial, fair and transparent. This time the opposition should be given such guarantees that they can enter the field for the next election with confidence.
  • The media, and especially social media, are asked to read the no-do formula carefully. Bakhtawar's engagement has been arranged with Chaudhry Chaudhry Younis of Lahore's son Mahmood Chaudhry. The family of Chaudhry Younis has been rumored on social media. He is a straightforward Muslim and believes in the end of prophethood. The family lives in Johar Town, Lahore and Dubai. Younis Chaudhry is a native of Lahore. The groom, Mahmood Chaudhry, was wearing a white shalwar kameez and a chador of the same color. The ceremony was very simple, there were about a hundred guests. Despite his ill health, Zardari was busy entertaining the guests from beginning to end in that simple but solemn ceremony.
  • Regarding Shahbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, the government is asked not to do what is being done to them. Despite being jailed, Shahbaz Sharif still talks of conciliatory politics. He said that the government and the NAB, despite their best efforts, could not produce a single piece of evidence to prove that the Sharif family had taken any bribe or kickback from government funds or public exchequer. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, but that no such case had been filed against him. He termed the bail of Uhud Cheema as a victory of truth and called him a brave and courageous bureaucrat.
  • It would have been better for the government not to arrest Shahbaz Sharif. He and Hamza Shahbaz kept talking about reconciliation and dialogue. To lock them up in jails means to close the door of reconciliation. Remember that the door to resistance is open. Maryam has become a symbol of resistance and a crowd puller. If the PML-N uses her popularity properly, the Lahore rally could become a model.


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