Corona's second letter?

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

 Corona's second letter?

  • Great Pakistani New I wrote the first letter on June 10, in which, I advised you to stay away from me because I can not stay away from you for long. She also told you some precautionary measures. But your hosting discussions are worldwide.
  • I was sure that you would not let me go, now the number of my fans is increasing and I have received invitations from certain people. Be it the government and the opposition, it seems there is a competition as to who helps me get to my city faster.
  • Truth be told, the opposition is looking forward at the moment. However, I have also decided to celebrate my first birthday here in Pakistan on February 26. Now, lest you become more cautious and give importance to health against your national temperament. Friends, Pakistan after February 26 is very different. Just as 9/11 changed the world, so did 26/2 change this country.
  • Thankfully you are still far behind many countries because of "me". But it seems to me that you are definitely trying to come forward, one of the reasons being that even if I tell you how you can avoid me, you don't wear a mask properly and you don't have social distance, the habit of gloss. Not at all.
  • You did not do the thing that made it difficult for me to get close to you. Maybe that's why this new wave is proving to be beneficial for me, thanks to the people and especially the public leaders. Special sympathy to the families who lost their lives because of me.
  • I want the world to break me as soon as possible because now I am tired too. 60 million people have been affected by me so far. Hundreds of thousands have been killed. I'm still behind the Mexican flu pandemic that killed 20 million people.
  • I have heard that vaccine development in China, Russia and the United States is in the final stages, but it may take six months to a year to fix it. Similar news is coming to your country. Prime Minister Imran Khan is also ready to import a reliable vaccine as soon as it is ready in a foreign country.
  • I was very disappointed in the first few months in your country that I did not get the response from the people as expected. There were already so many viruses in the body that I tried to enter that my own strength would respond, then how could I spread this epidemic to others? Look at your neighboring country alone. In excess of 10 million individuals have been influenced.
  • No doubt Al that sounds lovely poop to me, Looks like BT aint for me all things considered. The President of Pakistan and some federal ministers had even announced that they had won the war against me but they were unaware of the second wave. Then what about the opposition coalition Pakistan Democratic Movement that they announced an anti-government movement. The meetings were wonderful, at least I enjoyed it because no one from Mashaallah was following the SOPs.
  • In response, the government also started meetings. Government functions, crowded bazaars, weddings, business, school, social activities - just then I postponed my intention to go back. Now I will suffocate after holding a long march to Islamabad. News will be coming to you that beds are not available in hospitals. Once upon a time, there was a "House Full" sign above the cinema halls.
  • This is now the case with hospitals. Some hospitals even started number two here. A person who has not yet been infected with the virus also has at least two positive tests, and those who are admitted are in the thousands. When it comes to "vanity liters", the costs go up even more.
  • That is why a large number of people quarantine themselves at home or the poor man does not even tell, he says I am already dead, what else will I die.
  • I said caution in my first letter, you started politics. Now I can't come to the police stations and jails that the government has started operations.
  • On the other hand, it seems that Maulana has taken my break which I do not care about and has also made his allies his ally even though I have come to Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza and now I am the guest of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari whom I have access to. Received by friend Jamil Soomro.
  • One last piece of advice for Bhai Rana Sanaullah, with the urging of the people to attend the rallies at the risk of their own lives, some people should also come from London.
  • Let Mian Sahib, not Sahibzada, join the people with life and property and if nothing else, let Ishaq Dar dare. Rana Sahib! Benazir Bhutto knew what could happen on December 27. She could have addressed the video link, but she died in public.
  • As for the people, we are just a crowd. If there was a nation, at least there would be one language against me. May Allah protect you from me. Good Bye. From Corona.
  • Friends:. It's a painful writing because I've felt Corona myself. My wife also got this disease. Stay in the hospital for several days. But we defeated it, which included the prayers of thousands of people. Thank you all
  • The disease took the lives of many doctors and nurses because they wanted to save the lives of others.
  • Many of our journalists have passed away due to this disease, including Qaiser Mahmood and Arshad Waheed Chaudhry of Geo and Jang Group. May Allah Almighty grant them all a place in Paradise. Amen!


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