China arrests female correspondent for leading American magazine

Monday, December 21, 2020

 China arrests female correspondent for leading American magazine

China arrests female Bloomberg correspondent

  • According to foreign media, the representative working for Bloomberg in China who was arrested is a Chinese citizen himself.
  • Chinese officials have accused a Bloomberg News Bureau correspondent of endangering Chinese national security.
  • According to media reports, a woman named Hayes Fan was arrested by plainclothes officers from her home on Monday.
  • According to media reports, a Chinese woman representing Bloomberg was arrested by the National Security Bureau under Chinese law for endangering national security and engaging in criminal activities, while further investigations are underway.
  • According to media reports, no immediate statement was issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, while the Chinese Security Bureau did not provide details.
  • On the other hand, a statement issued by Bloomberg on the arrest of the female representative expressed grave concern and said that the Chinese authorities are being contacted continuously to understand the situation on this issue and we will provide maximum assistance to our representative. Gathering information for


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