Both the management and Mohammad Amir are responsible, Shahid Afridi

Friday, December 18, 2020

 Both the management and Mohammad Amir are responsible, Shahid Afridi

  • Former captain Shahid Afridi says that both the management and Mohammad Amir are responsible.
  • Shahid Afridi says that why there is talk through media, sit in a room and talk to each other, Mohammad Amir's decision was also a bit harsh, there are challenges in life which are accepted, strong and challenging cricketers Accept, perform and return.
  • He said that Pakistan cricket needs Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Amir still has T20 ODI cricket left, the fun of playing for Pakistan is not in anything else, Mohammad Mohammad has taken the matter seriously. Let's go, play Aamir League cricket too, you can play from Pakistan, perform as a challenge.
  • Shahid Afridi further said that now the matter has become big, things have come to the fore, if we can sit down and talk again, we can end things, it is not such a big deal, if the PCB said so, it means That the future plan of the PCB was that Aamir had to do on the side, the PCB should have discussed their plans with Muhammad Amir.
  • It may be recalled that the famous fast bowler Muhammad Aamir, who played 36 Tests, 61 ODIs and 50 T20I matches for Pakistan, has announced his retirement.
  • He says he had to make this decision because of the attitude of the national team management.
  • The Pakistan Cricket Board has confirmed the decision of fast bowler Mohammad Amir to retire and the PCB says it respects Mohammad Aamir's decision.


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