An amazing artist who paints with cloth instead of a brush

Thursday, December 17, 2020

 An amazing artist who paints with cloth instead of a brush

  • You may have seen artists painting with colors, fingers and brushes to this day, but have you ever seen an artist who paints with great skill with a cloth instead of a brush or paints?
  • Let us introduce you today to a Turkish artist, Deniz Segdik, who creates amazing portraits from small pieces of denim.
  • According to Denz, she initially used second-hand paint and denim jeans in her closet to make portraits, but as projects progressed, she approached a Turkish denim company for clothes.
  • The company is pleased to work with Danes and provide them with raw materials. Today, Danes has several partners who have never had a problem with the availability of denim.
  • Turkish artist Denis Segdik says that when making portraits from denim, I try not to lose even the smallest piece of denim.
  • Most of the artist's portraits use the waistband of the jeans, while some of the portraits feature parts around the buttons, while some pairs are made from full jeans.
  • The artist says she saves the surviving pieces of the genes by cutting them into various shapes, which she later uses as artwork.
  • The artist says she grew up between art and crafts because her father was a glassblower while her uncle was a carpenter and sculptor, which is why I joined the art school as a child.


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