1971 Battle of the Pakistan Navy submarine "Hangur" in the Indo-Pak war

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

 1971 Battle of the Pakistan Navy submarine "Hangur" in the Indo-Pak war

  • In the 1971 Indo-Pak war, the Pakistan Navy successfully led Pakistan on the naval front and stopped the advance of the enemy. The warship 'Kirpan' was damaged and confined to Indian territory.
  • The Pakistan Navy has been gaining the upper hand over the Indian Navy on many fronts. The victory of the Pakistan Navy at Dwarka in the 1965 war inflicted a heavy loss on the Indian naval assets. He was not allowed to proceed beyond the port.
  • Ghazi, a submarine submarine, was martyred in 1971 while performing an important role in national defense.
  • Six years later, in the 1971 war, the Pakistan Navy once again demonstrated its military prowess in the North Arabian Sea, an important part of its defense history.
  • The French-built Daphne Class Hangur, a member of the Pakistan Navy's submarine force, was assigned two missions under the command of Commander Ahmed Tasneem. The operation was successfully carried out in December.
  • On December 1, 1971, the submarine PNS Hangur on a mission in Indian waters tracked the radio broadcasts of Indian warships of the Western Command. In view of important information, Commander Ahmed Tasneem sent this information to the Naval Headquarters through radio broadcasts. Which was also tracked by Indian warships and two Indian Frigate 14 anti-submarine warfare warships INS Khakri and Kirpan were sent to target PNS Hangur.
  • Pakistan Navy underwater force continued the mission and on the afternoon of December 9, two ships were spotted by communication near Kathiawar Coast. Taken on target.

  • The torpedo team took both targets into range and hit the 131-foot-deep warship 'Kirpan' with a torpedo, which was spotted by the ship and fled the scene.
  • The sword left the naval battlefield while Khakri, which was to the west, determined the direction of the oncoming torpedo and advanced to attack Hungary.
  • The Hungarian torpedo team changed the target, hitting Khakri and fired another torpedo, and then the Khakri warship sank with a loud explosion.
  • The Indian warship Kirpan immediately tried to target the Hunger, but a third torpedo from the submarine hit its rear.
  • This second Indian warship suffered casualties and fled westward to the deep waters.
  • PNS Hangur successfully completed its mission in the North Arabian Sea, after which Indian ships, helicopters and other assets continued to drop explosives under the sea for four days.
  • According to the crew of the submarine Ghazi, 156 strikes were carried out by Indian aircraft, ships and helicopters.
  • This military victory resulted in the death of 250 enemy officers and soldiers, and India's Operation Falcon failed, while the enemy withdrew from the third major missile attack on December 10, 1971.


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