Why are Saudi Arabia and UAE angry?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 Why are Saudi Arabia and UAE angry?

  • Diplomacy is purely a matter of protecting national interests. The simple fact is, which country meets your economic needs and how much does it support you on the diplomatic or strategic front?
  • For example, we have never cared about it and should not care about what China's internal system is like and what social lines it is based on. Similarly, whether we like it or not, we have to deal with the internal system of Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Malaysia etc. There should be no concern and we never have.
  • Diplomacy is the most delicate task in the world in which you don't have to think in black and white style but you have to find your way out of the gray areas.
  • Judging by the above criteria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates become the most important countries in the world for us, because these two countries are the source of livelihood for millions of Pakistanis and especially poor Pakistanis and the source of billions of rupees in foreign exchange for Pakistan.
  • They did not fight India for our sake but when we exploded in response to India, Saudi Arabia helped us. Unfortunately, in the last few years, the politics and economy of the Middle East have changed dramatically.
  • On the one hand, their economy's dependence on oil began to wane, and Arab countries began to suffer financially.
  • On the other hand, after the Arab Spring, they began to face threats from the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. The enmity is old, but in the meantime, Turkey has come to compete with Saudi Arabia. In view of these internal and external threats, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have begun to improve their relations with Israel.
  • Since the enmity of these countries with Iran was old, the experienced former rulers of Pakistan kept a balance between the two but their enmity with Turkey, Qatar and Malaysia etc. was new and unfortunately new and Inexperienced rulers came forward, so they used extremism to anger both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • I am using this word of extremism in a thoughtful manner. Unfortunately, before coming to power, Imran Khan used to consider Saudi Arabia as the patron of Mian Nawaz Sharif and UAE as the patron of Asif Zardari.
  • So he had a passion for these two countries in his heart, and during the Yemeni trial, he, along with Raheel Sharif, created conditions for Nawaz Sharif that he could not meet the expectations of the Saudis, which led to Saudi Arabia. And the UAE became very angry with Mian Sahib.
  • Raheel Sharif gave the impression to the Arabs at that time that they wanted to help but Nawaz Sharif did not allow them to do so but Imran Khan's case remained the same.
  • After coming to power, General Qamar Javed Bajwa befriended Imran Khan with the rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE, but obviously it was not possible to explain to him in a few days the diplomatic nuances and sensitivities of the Arabs.
  • Imran Khan did not understand that these days Saudi Arabia and the UAE have become more sensitive about Qatar and Turkey than Iran, so Khan had planned to go with Tayyip Erdogan before going to the EU, on which the Saudis responded. When he expressed his displeasure, he left Tayyip Erdogan and went to Saudi Arabia.
  • From there he went to the United States on Muhammad bin Salman's plane, but decided to form a new alliance with Turkey, Malaysia and Iran, and sought to mediate between Iran and the United States, so Saudi Arabia became very angry and recalled the plane from him. went.
  • It should have happened before the Kuala Lumpur conference, but when he found out that Saudi Arabia would react strongly, he went to Muhammad bin Salman to persuade him, but he did not show flexibility. He apologized to Turkey and returned to Pakistan.
  • Imran Khan could not have guessed that the Saudi rulers up to Shah Salman's generation were the ones who saw the time before oil and they were more traditionalist, so they were more concerned with tribal norms in building and spoiling relations but Muhammad Bin Salman's generation has grown up in new conditions, Turks and Malays have different temperaments.
  • He could have explained Pakistan's compulsions, but after a while Imran Khan returned to Malaysia on the advice of some of his anti-Arab advisers and announced that he had made a mistake by not coming to Kuala Lumpur and that he would definitely come next year. Inevitably, Saudi Arabia had to be angry, on the other hand, one of its special ministers continued to hold secret meetings and business plans with Qataris.
  • From there, he began showing Turkish drama Ertugrul on Pakistani state TV and praised Tayyip Erdogan in unnecessary speeches, giving Saudi Arabia and the UAE the impression that perhaps Pakistan had decided to go to a Turkish camp.
  • So he demanded some money back. In a fit of rage, Khan got a statement from Shah Mehmood Qureshi to form an alternative forum for OIC, which worked like hot cakes. It is not at all that the matter has reached the point of no return But it is unfortunate that at present there is practically no foreign minister in Pakistan but Khan himself is the foreign minister.
  • Shah Mehmood Qureshi only interprets, he understands matters but does not take any action for fear of Khan Sahib and Khan Sahib's patrons, at night Khan Sahib sits with his secretary and a federal adviser etc. and makes a plan and in the morning he Becomes foreign policy.
  • In the same way, during the day an idea comes to the mind of an officer from Pindi which is conveyed to the Foreign Office and the next moment it becomes our foreign policy.
  • It has been reported these days that the UAE has banned all types of visas for Pakistan despite the fact that the issuance of visas has not been stopped completely but has been tightened. It has neither spoken to UAE officials nor told the nation what the real visa policy is.
  • The current rulers will go to the United States, Britain and Canada as soon as they lose power, but what will happen to the millions of Pakistanis whose economic future is linked to those countries?


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