What kind of husband does Mahesh Hayat want?

Sunday, November 8, 2020

 What kind of husband does Mahesh Hayat want?

  • KARACHI: Actress Mahesh Hayat has starting late revealed about the sovereign she had consistently needed during a show.
  • Highlights of the online show "By the Way" aired on the YouTube channel Pear were shared on social media in which Mahesh Hayat is seen giving an interview.
  • The host asked Mahesh Hayat about her future husband and said what should be the prince of your dreams? To which Mahosh Hayat replied that this person should be tall, even if he is not blonde, but he should have a good personality, he should have a masculine motive.
  • After hearing Mahesh Hayat's reply, the host of the show said that according to his opinion, there is one such person and he has become a member of parliament for the first time in the last election.
  • Mahesh Hayat asked who is that person? Explaining further, the host said that the person is influential and young on whom Mahesh Hayat guessed and mentioned Bilawal Bhutto's name. To which the host laughed and said that I did not take this name.


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