We have proof of misrepresentation that will be given in the Supreme Court: Trump

Friday, November 6, 2020

We have proof of misrepresentation that will be given in the Supreme Court: Trump 

  • US President Donald Trump has blamed Democrats for gear the political race, saying they have proof of extortion that will be introduced to the Supreme Court. 
  • In a question and answer session, Donald Trump affirmed that the political decision was fixed with plot and that I was being expelled from the race through extortion. 
  • Trump guaranteed that he got 700,000 additional votes in Pennsylvania, however diminished his vote to 90,000. 
  • I would have won if the Democrats hadn't taken the political decision, he said. Liberals attempted to take the political decision through illicit voting forms. In spite of the mediation, I won in key states like Florida, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio. 
  • Individuals know and see what's going on. We have proof of misrepresentation which will be introduced in the high court. We accept that there will be a huge scope case. We will probably ensure the respectability of the nation, he said. To set up 
  • US President Donald Trump abstained from addressing inquiries from journalists toward the finish of the question and answer session. 
  • Then again, US media state that President Donald Trump didn't present any proof of misrepresentation. 
  • Obviously the consequences of the US official political race have nearly come out, with Democratic up-and-comer Joe Biden having an unmistakable lead, while in certain states the outcomes have been deferred, which Trump has blamed for apparatus.


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