US election, which Biden needs 6 electoral votes to reach the presidency

Thursday, November 5, 2020

 US election, which Biden needs 6 electoral votes to reach the presidency

  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden came very close to victory after the results of the US presidential election came out.
  • The official up-and-comer needs 270 constituent votes to run for the US administration and be a visitor of the White House. 
  • As indicated by unfamiliar media, Democratic competitor Joe Biden has gotten 264 appointive votes and Republican applicant US President Trump has gotten 214 discretionary votes up until this point.
  • According to US media, Biden has won 16 electoral votes from Michigan, bringing his tally to 264, leaving Biden with only six votes to reach the White House.
  • Votes are still being counted in the United States, with results from only five states remaining.
  • The number of electoral votes in these four states is 56, so even if he wins in all four states, Trump's electoral votes will be 268, which is 2 votes less for the presidency.
  • According to US media, Biden is leading in one state and Trump in four, while in Nevada with six electoral votes, Biden is ahead of Trump.
  • Trump leads in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska, with 75 percent of the vote counted in Nevada, with Joe Biden leading by 8,000 votes.
  • Majority rule up-and-comer Joe Biden has won 29 discretionary votes from New York and 9 appointive votes from Colorado.


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