Chennai: Two brothers have been arrested in India for allegedly stealing goats to make a film.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

  • Chennai: Two brothers have been arrested in India for allegedly stealing goats to make a film.
  • Two siblings have been captured for taking goats in the southern Indian territory of Tamil Nadu. The dad of the two siblings needed to make a film in which he had his two children ahead of the pack jobs. Notwithstanding, because of absence of cash, the two siblings began crowding goats to help their dad monetarily.
  • As per Indian media, 30-year-old Naranjan Kumar and 32-year-old Lenin Kumar have been touching goats throughout the previous three years. Both brushed 8 to 10 goats consistently and sold each for about Rs. 8,000. Naranjan and Lenin experienced deserts and commonplace zones to look for roadside animals. Also, when no one was close, they would brush a few goats.
  • He completed a few activities in better places with this strategy, he generally took care not to brush mutiple or two goats. Therefore no one complained about the robbery of goats. Notwithstanding, on October 9, they took a goat from a man in Madhoram who had six goats in his crowd, so when one goat was feeling the loss of, the proprietor of the goats got the news that the goat was missing and he stopped a grievance.
  • Police later checked CCTV film, as per which the cheats got into the vehicle and took the goat. There was no enrollment number on the vehicle. During the examination, police found that a couple of goats were absent in the zone consistently. So the police conveyed casually dressed officials in the region and captured the two while they were attempting to touch a goat by the roadside.
  • Police say that their father Vijay Shankar is making a film called  in which he had cast his own two sons in the lead role. However, due to lack of money, the film was dropped. The shooting halted in the center, so the children chose to help their dad monetarily and brush the goats.


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