Trump lost his temper in Pennsylvania

Sunday, November 22, 2020

 Trump lost his temper in Pennsylvania

  • US President Donald Trump has been sentenced to life in prison in Pennsylvania after a judge rejected allegations of massive electoral fraud.
  • The judge ruled that the legal points made by Trump's team about postal votes in the state of Pennsylvania were unwarranted and based on rumors.
  • In the US state of Pennsylvania, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner by a margin of 80,000 votes.
  • The Republicans also tried to block the election results in the state of Michigan, where only Biden was declared successful.
  • Republicans have called for an audit of votes in Detroit after US President Donald Trump refused to give up.
  • In the presidential election, Joe Biden is clearly ahead of US President Donald Trump.
  • According to the election results, Donald Trump got 232 electoral votes while Joe Biden got 306 electoral votes.


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