The dead also voted in the election TV exposed the rigging scandal

Friday, November 13, 2020

 The dead also voted in the election TV exposed the rigging scandal

  • The  news channel exposed the rigging in the presidential election and also broadcast the list of dead American citizens who voted.
  • The US  channel has a list of dozens of voters who have died since 2003. The channel has additionally demonstrated the date of birth of these individuals, however it isn't clear which competitor these dead citizens decided in favor of. 
  • The channel's telecaster asserted that postal democratic was encouraged for supposed appointive extortion. 
  • The telecaster said that when you make it simple to cast a ballot, the dead will likewise cast a ballot, and American TV has communicated the view that these votes will win Joe Biden. 
  • As indicated by informal aftereffects of the November 3 US official political decision, the Democratic competitor Joe Biden has a reasonable greater part over US President Donald Trump, however the official outcomes have not yet been reported. 
  • Conservative applicant Donald Trump has blamed the US political race for enormous apparatus, saying "a huge number of my votes were projected in resistance." 
  • Then again, the US Election Commission has dismissed the claims of Donald Trump and said that the races were totally straightforward, nobody should question it.


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