Snake of fines on Rekodak's treasury

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Snake of fines on Rekodak's treasury 

  • today is Sunday. Day of Communication. At least three generations meet today. Grandfather Grandma Grandparents. parents. Children The new generation that is to take over the country after eight to ten years. She has a sharper mind than us. The horizons of his thinking are very wide. Their perspectives are in line with today's needs. Most of our thoughts are molded in the twentieth century. Today I want to talk to you about the gold treasures in the great district of Chaghi in Balochistan.
  • We know Chaghi because of our nuclear tests, but mineralogists from all over the world sleep here. Copper It is appreciated for its reserves of silver and other precious metals. And they are all amazed at what kind of a nation these Pakistanis are that they have billions of dollars in mineral resources. It is not their priority to use this gold and copper to lift Rs 5 crore out of the well of poverty. The solution to their problems is in Chaghi. But they stand outside the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.
  • You have to reassure your children today that they will not lay hands on anyone. This is where the treasures hidden in their own land are to be found.  The blessings that God has blessed us. They have to meet their needs. The word borrowing is to get out of your dictionary. I am talking about Rekodak (sand peak) today because there is a possibility of spring somewhere. Almighty Almighty has given support to some painstaking billionaires of Pakistan. He has set up a National Resource Limited Committee to meet the international challenge facing Pakistan with great courage. It is a very difficult path. In the middle is a  6 billion fine. World Bank Institutions ICSID
  • The International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes has imposed a  6 billion fine on the government of Pakistan for not passing our agreements. The company with which he signed agreements in 1993 and 2006. Revoke his license. Without thinking about the consequences.
  • This fine is for Pakistan's opposition and government politicians. Judges Exposes the sick thinking of the bureaucracy. Nations take the path of self-reliance. We are accustomed to spending the elite's wealth at home and abroad instead of spending it on real projects. We owe Rs 36,000 billion. Does anyone know which buildings cost so much money? Which dams? Which roads did you spend on? I have been writing on Rekodak for decades. Now that the National Resources Limited has been formed and on behalf of them the Canadian company Barrack Gold Corporation, I have again seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I contacted Arif Habib Sahib electronically.
  • Tried to find out from experts. Chile is at the forefront of copper mining. Honorary Consul General of Chile in Karachi Anwar Saleh has been telling me the background of the fall of Rekodak since 2010. Talked to them too. He also made electronic contact with Bahram De Awari. Consulted with Mr. Irtiqa Zaidi, retired from the post of Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce. He sent a detailed email. Waqar Masood Sahib is busy nowadays. Awaiting their response too.
  • Only copper was previously reported in the Chaghi Mountains. It was a 6 billion project. Of which 52% is Pakistan's share. 48% of the Chilean company Tian. Pakistan owed 25 per cent of the 52 per cent to the Balochistan government. The company would lay a 650-km pipeline from Chaghi to Gwadar to extract copper and send it to the refinery.The material would be loaded on ships docked at the port. A small airport was also built in Chaghi. The survey also found that there is eight to nine percent gold. The company's expertise was only in copper. An agreement was reached with Barrack Gold for gold. Work began in 2000. The company said it spent 800 800 million.
  • He then applied for a mining license on August 20, 2010. Where the controversy started. Petitions were filed in the Supreme Court. 1993 and 2006 agreements. All were declared illegal.The Thian Company has filed an appeal in the World Bank's International Center for Disputes. In 2017, Pakistan was fined six billion dollars. The hard work of the lawyers of the government of Pakistan has paid off in such a way that at present the time has been given for the immediate payment of the fine. But an international bank has been asked to provide a 25 per cent guarantee of the fine. The next hearing is set for May 2021.
  • The government and the opposition are fighting over their statements. Spokespersons are sleeping with wooden swords, but four Pakistani industrial groups are worried about the country's future. Younes Brothers Arif Habib Fatima Group. Liberal groups have come together to take their country out of this financial crisis under the banner of National Resources. Contacting Barrack Gold. The real issue is the payment of a fine which is irrevocable. Only by crossing this bridge can one reach the treasure of gold. Arif Habib is optimistic. Thi Tian may be ready to settle the matter out of court. Then work will begin on Recodic.
  • I am thankful that the political and military leaderships are not prioritizing this very serious issue. You don't even hear Rekodik mentioned in a statement, in a speech, in a tweet. However, the fine is a wake-up call for our already dormant economy. We don't even have our own foreign exchange reserves. We should pray for an increase in our foreign exchange reserves. Hundreds of Balochistan youth get jobs
  • We can celebrate our Diamond Jubilee in 2022 as a debt free country.


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