Russia's maritime expansion with African base

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 Russia's maritime expansion with African base

  • President Vladimir Putin has approved the establishment of a Russian naval logistics center on the Red Sea, located between Africa and Asia.
  • The proposition to set up an office in the North African nation, for which Putin gave the green light on Monday, was advanced by the Russian government a week ago.
  • Moscow and Khartoum signed a seven-year military cooperation agreement last year, and the two sides have already discussed the possibility of a naval logistics center.
  • The Sudanese facility aims to station and repair Russian ships, as well as provide equipment for ships during its long missions. It will include up to 300 service personnel, and will be able to host up to four warships simultaneously, including the nuclear propulsion system.
  • The draft bargain is intended to keep going for a very long time. From that point forward, if necessary, it will naturally extend for a very long time.
  • The Russian government has already said that the supply center in Sudan will help bring peace and stability to the region, stressing that it will be purely defensive in nature. According to media reports, it will be located at the gate of the country's main port, Port Sudan.
  • The Sudanese facility will be similar to the Russian-administered Tartas on the Syrian Mediterranean coast.


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