Russia: Rare pink diamond auctioned for Rs4.21 billion

Thursday, November 12, 2020

 Russia: Rare pink diamond auctioned for Rs4.21 billion

  • An uncommon pink precious stone removed from a Russian mine was unloaded in Geneva for 27 million, or more than 4.21 billion Pakistani rupees.
  • The 14.83 carat  diamond also holds the record for being the most expensive diamond.
  • Organizers of the online auction described the diamond as a marvel of nature, saying that the price of pink jewelry was rising due to its rarity.
  • The administration did not reveal the name or nationality of the diamond buyer.
  • The Spirit of the Rose was extracted from a Russian mine in 2017 and took a year to carve out without damaging the natural color.
  • This rare pink, purple diamond was put up for auction in Singapore and Paipe before the auction, and the gem was expected to fetch more than Rs6.22 billion.


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