Plan to attack Armenian PM admits defeat to Azerbaijan

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 Plan to attack Armenian PM admits defeat to Azerbaijan

  • The plan to attack the Armenian prime minister, who conceded defeat in the war over Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh issue, was foiled, while the prime minister fired the foreign minister.
  • According to the French news agency, since the peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan mediated by Russia, the people of Armenia are angry and are calling Prime Minister Nicole Pishinyan a traitor and demanding his resignation.
  • The opposition is raising the issue in its favor while the Prime Minister is appealing to the people to remain peaceful.
  • Authorities have now foiled a plot to assassinate 45-year-old Prime Minister Nicole Pishinyan, and opposition leader Arthur Vanetsyan has been arrested on suspicion of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. done.
  • Foreign Minister fired for opposing peace deal
  • On the other hand, Prime Minister Nicole Pishinyan has fired Foreign Minister Zohrab Matsakinyan for opposing the peace agreement.
  • The Prime Minister announced today that talks on giving Azerbaijan the strategic city of Shusha and other territories were underway even before the recent war, which began on September 27.
  • However, Zoharab rejected the PM's claim, saying no such proposal was on the agenda at any stage.
  • After the statement, Pishinyan announced that he had decided to fire Zoharab, but a few hours later, Zoharab himself resigned on Facebook.
  • What was agreed in the peace agreement?
  • It is believed that Nagorno-Karabakh is an internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan, but it was occupied by an Armenian tribal group through the Armenian army and there have been several wars between the two sides.
  • The latest fighting in the conflict began in September and lasted for about six weeks, killing hundreds of people on both sides, while Armenia confirmed the deaths of 2,317 of its troops. The cooperation has led to a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is being called a victory for Azerbaijan.
  • According to the agreement, the territories liberated from the Armenian occupation in the recent war will remain with Azerbaijan and the Armenian army will withdraw from other surrounding areas as well.
  • According to the agreement, the Armenian army is to hand over control of Kalbazar and Aghdam districts to the Azeri army by November 20, while Lachin will be vacated by December 1.
  • These are the areas where thousands of Azeri Muslims lived before the Armenian occupation in 1993 and were forced to migrate to safer areas of Azerbaijan.
  • Under the agreement, 1,600 Russian peacekeepers will be sent to Karabakh to maintain peace in the two countries, and they will stay for five years on the corridor linking Armenia to the capital, Karabakh. Will also be exchanged.
  • Following the understanding, Russian soldiers and tanks have entered the zone. According to the Azeri President, Turkey will also play its role for peace in the region and its peacekeepers will also be deployed here.


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