Next year could be the worst famine in the world, the World Food Program said

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 Next year could be the worst famine in the world, the World Food Program said

  • Rome, Italy: David Beazley, head of the UN's World Food Program, has warned that the worst famine in the world, especially in poor and developed countries, could spread in 2021 if  15 billion is not provided. Is.
  • Speaking to the Associated Press, Beazley said  5 billion of that amount is needed to fight famine, while another  10 billion is needed for malnourished children. If this money is not received, "in 2021, the whole world may face a terrible and deadly famine that we have only read and heard about in stories," he said.
  • Beazley said that in the past, due to generous financial support from world leaders, his organization (World Food Program) has been successful in fighting malnutrition and famine in various countries, but it is feared that the required funds will not be available for next year. Could One of the reasons for this would be the recent global epidemic of Covid 19. However, other factors will also play a role in this decline.
  • This year, the United Nations World Food Program has been granted the Nobel Peace Prize. As per Beazley, the WFP has filled in notoriety from that point forward and now world pioneers are allowing them 45 minutes to converse with them rather than 15 minutes.
  • However, negotiations alone will not solve the problem, they need money urgently. Explaining his strategy, Beazley said he now intends to negotiate with the world's richest billionaire businessmen and industrialists, as governments in various countries may not be able to provide the required funding.
  • If this money is not received on time, there is a danger that 36 countries will face severe food shortages next year, he warned.
  • The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said in a recent report that the number of people suffering from hunger and malnutrition is increasing by 10 million every year, with an estimated 69 at present. Crore.
  • The same FAO report estimates that approximately 2 billion people worldwide will not have access to safe and adequate food in 2019, and given the current situation, it is unlikely that the world will experience hunger and To be completely free from malnutrition.
  • The report on food insecurity states that last year, in 2019, an estimated 750 million people experienced severe food insecurity, with one in ten people in the world suffering from food insecurity.


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