Nawaz Sharif is speaking Indian language to save his theft: PM

Saturday, November 7, 2020

 Nawaz Sharif is speaking Indian language to save his theft: PM

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan says that Nawaz Sharif is speaking the language of India to save his theft.
  • Addressing a meeting in Hafizabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan has started to become a welfare state, in the form of health card health insurance available to the people of Punjab and KP in such large developed countries. Even the people do not get it.
  • Criticizing the opposition, Imran Khan said that some people have set up circuses in our country these days, these are the people who looted the country for 30 years, there was a separate law for them in their time and There was a separate law for buffalo thieves but now it is difficult for them because we have left the NAB completely free.
  • He said that when the theft of these people was caught, they started blackmailing me to get NRO, this is a message to all those who are together that this is what you people have been competing with till today. He was corrupt or he wanted a chair but today you are competing with Imran Khan.
  • The Prime Minister said that he would do as many meetings as he wanted but he would not leave them until he returned the looted wealth of the country.
  • These people first tried to blackmail me on Corona but Allah saved us from Corona and then they tried to blackmail the government on the FATF issue but when they failed, he said. When it was done, he started a conspiracy against the Chief of Army Staff.
  • He said that Nawaz Sharif who was very ill here when he felt the wind of London, he recovered completely, he is sitting in London and protesting against the Pak army, Nawaz Sharif used the language of India to save his theft. Are talking
  • The Prime Minister said that the circus people say that the election has been rigged. If there was rigging then I had offered that the constituencies are ready to open. Why didn't you come?
  • He said that we are working on bringing electronic voting system, our government will hold such elections in the country that even the loser will believe that the elections were fair and transparent.


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