Macron's ultimatum to French Muslim leaders to accept the 'Charter of Democratic Values'

Friday, November 20, 2020

 Macron's ultimatum to French Muslim leaders to accept the 'Charter of Democratic Values'

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has given Muslim leaders a 15-day ultimatum to accept the "Charter of Democratic Values" to curb fundamentalism in France.
  • The ultimatum has been given by the French president to the French Council of Muslim Faith, a recognized body of Muslims in France, to contact the state.
  • Just yesterday, the French president, accompanied by the interior minister, met with leaders of the French Council of Muslim Faith.
  • According to the charter, Islam will be considered a religion rather than a political movement and external interference in local Muslim groups will also be prohibited.
  • According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the French Council of Muslim Faith has agreed to set up a 'National Council of Imams', under which imams in mosques will be officially appointed and can be removed by the council.
  • The French president has also announced steps to tackle radicalism.
  • As a matter of urgency, it has been decided to introduce a broad-based bill in Parliament to curb 'radicalism'.
  • The French government has decided that home education will be banned in France and that intimidating a government official on religious grounds will be severely punished.
  • Under the new law, all individuals will be required to send their children to school, children will be given an identification number to monitor their school attendance, and parents will face heavy fines, including imprisonment, for violations. Will go
  • In addition, the transmission of any person's personal information to a person who intends to harm him will be prohibited.
  • French interior minister says we must save our children from the clutches of Islamic extremists, a bill that will be tabled in parliament on December 9.
  • The development is being linked to post-blasphemous attacks in France.
  • It is believed that a teacher who showed blasphemous sketches in front of students at a school in France was beheaded, after which the French president openly supported French secularism against this incident and other related attacks and also made controversial statements which France then faced protests from Muslims around the world and boycotts of products.


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