Israeli airstrikes kill three soldiers in Syria

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 Israeli airstrikes kill three soldiers in Syria

  • Damascus: The Israeli air force attacked Syria, killing 3 Syrian soldiers.
  • As per the Arab News Agency, there are additionally reports of a few officers being harmed because of Israeli air strikes in Syria.
  • As indicated by Arab media, the activity was done by the Israeli flying corps in reprisal for explosives found on the northern fringe. 
  • As per Arab media, the Israeli armed force has affirmed the activity in Syria, saying that Israeli warplanes focused on Iranian Quds Force and Syrian military targets the previous evening. 
  • The Israeli military says a vehicle bomb had detonated at an Iraqi police enrolling focus at Kisak, west of Baghdad.
  • The Syrian news office says three Syrian fighters were executed and injured in Israeli assaults. 
  • Israeli military authorities guaranteed on Tuesday that they had recuperated IEDs from the Golan Heights, an away from of Iran's essence in Syria.


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