I will not leave anyone behind

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 I will not leave anyone behind

  • I have heard, you must have heard, but we have all heard that the late General Hameed Gul was very impressed with Imran Khan, the late General Hameed Gul was not a cricketer himself and he was not impressed by that. At that time, Imran Khan was one of the three best fast bowlers in the world and one of the top three all-rounders in the world.
  • The late General Hameed Gul was impressed by Imran Khan's international fame. Imran Khan was handsome and still is handsome. You can gauge his immense fame by the fact that Imran Khan from Bollywood and Hollywood showbiz showbiz. Used to try to attract.
  • Long before winning the World Cup, Imran Khan had become famous all over the world, the World Cup had put his fame on the red carpet.
  • He had become a hero of the Pakistani nation. Nine out of ten children born during this period were named Imran. After the name, they put their birth and caste, such as, Imran Ali, Imran Butt, Imran Khaskheli, Imran Madrasi, Imran Brohi, Imran Naqvi, Imran Shinwari etc.
  • Even the members of a political party were very impressed with the fame of Imran Khan. They had Imran Tanda, Imran Langra, Imran Khan Kata, Imran Bichhu. Because of their demeanor, they also had an Imran elephant.
  • The trend of naming one's children after a famous person has been seen in Pakistan once before, when King Faisal of Saudi Arabia came to Pakistan to attend the Islamic Summit, which is about forty-five years old.
  • For many years after the Islamic Summit, every second child born in Pakistan was named Faisal by its parents. Apart from roads, routes and colonies, a centuries-old city was renamed Faisalabad to keep a close eye on politics. The worn-out leashes were fed up with politicians.
  • Long before the partition of India, hereditary politicians divided into castes, communities and tribes dominated Indian politics? After partition, the same hereditary system was inherited by Pakistan.
  • Many reputable, well-educated people thought of changing this stereotyped political system, but could do nothing.
  • No one can say anything with confidence, no one can say why the late General Hameed Gul brought Imran Khan out of the playing field and into the arena of politics, we ordinary people do not know anything in this regard, we can only think Are
  • We can only guess why the late General Hamid Gul wanted to bring a player into the political arena. What did Imran Khan impress the late General Hameed Gul? The late General Hameed Gul was apparently impressed by Imran Khan's international fame.
  • Probably they were thinking that the nation which has kept Imran Khan as a player in their eyes, the same nation will accept Imran Khan as a politician, this is not a logical thinking.
  • At the moment Amitabh Bachchan is the most beloved person in India, his fame is due to his unparalleled acting, can immense fame come in handy for Amitabh Bachchan in politics? Acting and promising people bread, clothes and a house are two very different things.
  • If Muhammad Ali Clay had ever been made the President of the United States, could he have run the United States with discipline? Famous athletes, artists and showbiz artists, well-known writers and intellectuals are naturally different from politicians.
  • All I can remember right now is the name of an artist from Hollywood, Ronald Reagan, who was the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989.
  • Imran Khan is basically a cricketer. He is also a fast bowler. From school to retirement from Test cricket, Imran Khan has been playing competitive cricket for 35 years.
  • These early years of life refine and refine a person's personality. He spends the rest of his life in the early years of training, tug-of-war, habits and manners, without any flexibility. I've been watching old videos and watching them play on the playground.
  • His gait seems to be the same as it is today after becoming a politician, his body language on the cricket ground looks like today's body language.
  • There are ups and downs in politics, a good politician does not let go of his wisdom and patience, but a fast bowler does not do that.
  • Something comparative is occurring with Imran Khan these days, a sentence was joined to Nawaz Sharif. For what reason did you show me out? 
  • Nowadays, a comparative expression is being related with Imran Khan. I won't give up anybody, I won't abandon anybody.
  • I won't leave anybody, I won't leave anybody.


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