I will not apologize to France: Shirin Mazari

Monday, November 23, 2020

 I will not apologize to France: Shirin Mazari

  • Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari has said that he has neither apologized nor will apologize to France for his statement regarding Emmanuel Macron.
  • In an interview with a website, Mazari said that the West was acting with hypocrisy and arrogance in the name of freedom of expression. Is called freedom of expression.
  • France expects us to respect freedom of expression, so where has freedom of speech gone in Macron's turn.
  • Referring to her tweet, Mazari said that the source from which I read the news, when her sources apologized and said that the news was wrong, I had to delete my tweet.
  • There is no reason to apologize. I did my analysis. When the news came back, I deleted the tweet saying that France has accepted the apology." Done
  • I want to make it clear that I have neither apologized nor intended to do so,   he said.
  • He said that French President Macron said that he felt insulted by my statement because I compared him to Nazis, but he thinks that when they attack our Prophet, they insult him, when the Qur'an Don't we get angry when we burn? Muslims do not feel insulted, it is an irony and hypocrisy.
  • In a report, Mazari compared French President Emmanuel Macron to Nazi Germany's racism and said that the French president was treating Muslims the same way the Nazis treated Jews as France did. Expressing strong resentment, Pakistan had demanded an apology.
  • In response to a question, Mazari said that according to the report of Amnesty International, freedom of expression in France is limited and many questions arise on this.
  • Shirin Mazari said that I had raised the issue that your nun wears her religious dress everywhere but you tell a Muslim woman that she will be fined for wearing hijab in public places, what kind of freedom is this? Isn't this discrimination against Muslims?
  • He said that just now France has made another law according to which refusing to seek treatment from a doctor on the basis of gender would be a crime. If you look at this law carefully, it is against Muslim women, especially with regard to singing. This is a very sensitive issue, we should see what was the reason for making such a law that specifically targets Muslim women.
  • In response to a question, Shirin Mazari said that I have to give the answer to Allah and I will say whatever happens in my consciousness, I think that if someone has done something wrong, it is our duty to send us to another country. Don't be afraid, we must answer.


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