Hydrogel for rapid wound healing and scar removal

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 Hydrogel for rapid wound healing and scar removal

  • North Carolina: The use of hydrogel in medicine is increasing and now a hydrogel has been developed that not only heals deep wounds and fistulas but also removes scars by activating the immune system.
  • Experts from Duke University and the University of California, Los Angeles have jointly developed a new hydrogel for the skin that heals deep fistulas and wounds and helps to heal large amounts of wound healing. ۔
  • In the event of a skin injury, our body's immune system immediately puts a thin layer of raw skin or tissue on the wound to protect it from infection and discomfort. One of its disadvantages is that this tissue becomes permanently attached to the skin and becomes a scar. That's why scientists have been trying for a long time to rid the skin of lifelong scars from old wounds.
  • For this, a new biomaterial was developed in 2015 called 'Micropores Any Lead Particle (MAP) Hydrogel'. Hydrogels are usually water-soaked bandages and pads that heal the skin while protecting wounds from many complications. They also grow skin cells by acting as a basic scaffolding or frame. After the wound has healed, the gel dissolves on its own.
  • Now the same hydrogel has been improved and now it not only removes scars but also restores the hair follicles which is an important thing. In this way the quality of the skin increases and a very smooth and uniform skin grows.
  • For this, a peptide has been taken from a structural protein found in the body. In this way the prison ended very quickly and left a strong skin behind him and thus there was no sign of a wound. In this process, the body's natural defense system carries antibodies and its own cells to the affected area and forms a deep and strong skin.


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