Houthi rebels claim to have killed 8 Saudi soldiers

Monday, November 30, 2020

 Houthi rebels claim to have killed 8 Saudi soldiers

  • Sanaa: Houthi rebels have claimed the deaths of eight Saudi soldiers during a clash in Yemen, but coalition forces have denied the claim.
  • Yahya, a spokesman for Yemen's Houthi rebels, has claimed that a missile struck a military base in the Marab region, killing eight Saudi soldiers, according to the International News Agency.
  • Coalition forces have strongly denied any such incident, but Saudi media have reported the death of a Saudi lieutenant colonel stationed in Yemen, but did not give a reason.
  • Meanwhile, the government army has claimed that it has thwarted an attack by Houthi rebels by taking timely action. Not neglecting the responsibility of protecting the country and its citizens.
  • Thousands of civilians have been killed in clashes between coalition forces and Houthi rebels since 2014, while millions are forced to live in refugee camps and 8 million children face malnutrition.


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