French President Emmanuel Macron lays eggs?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 French President Emmanuel Macron lays eggs?

  • Muslims around the world are outraged by the recent publication of blasphemous sketches by France.
  • Protests against the publication of these sketches and their support by the French government continue in various countries.
  • People are also venting their anger on social media against France and President Emmanuel Macron.
  • In such a situation, a video is going viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., in which a man is beating French President Emmanuel Macron on the head.
  • The video was quoted on social media as saying that it was a reaction to the blasphemous sketches, but the reality is the opposite.
  • This video is actually from 2017 when Emmanuel Macron was the presidential candidate and he was thrown an egg at an event related to agriculture.


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