Evidence has emerged that Australian troops killed civilians illegally in the Afghan war

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 Evidence has emerged that Australian troops killed civilians illegally in the Afghan war

  • The investigation into allegations of war crimes against Australian soldiers who killed innocent civilians during the war in Afghanistan has yielded alarming revelations.
  • The Australian Defense Force has released a report investigating allegations of illegal killings of Afghan civilians by Australian troops during the war in Afghanistan.
  • According to the foreign news agency, there is evidence that 19 Australian soldiers were involved in the killing of 39 civilians in Afghanistan.
  • The report states that Special Australian Forces illegally killed 39 people during the Afghan war, and that former or current Australian soldiers committed various crimes or became their accomplices.
  • The report also states that most of the allegations relate to Australian soldiers in the Special Air Service Elite Unit.
  • According to the news agency, the murders took place between 2009 and 2013. In the four-year investigation, 57 incidents were reviewed and the statements of more than 400 witnesses were recorded.
  • An investigation led by a major general-level officer found that junior soldiers had been ordered to kill prisoners for their first murder, and that weapons and other equipment had been found around Afghan civilians to cover up the killings. Installed.
  • The head of the Australian Defense Force, General Angus Campbell, said in a statement that there was no evidence that the killings were the cause of the war.
  • He said the report found that 19 current service and former Australian officials would be investigated.
  • On the other hand, Afghan officials say they are confident that full justice will be served by Australian authorities.


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