Dutch female boxing champion converts to Islam

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 Dutch female boxing champion converts to Islam

  • Dutch boxing champion Ruby Jessia Massio, known as "The Lady Tyson" and kickboxer, has converted to Islam.

  • The kickboxer announced his entry into the realm of Islam through his official Instagram account.

  • Ruby Jesia from the Netherlands was a Christian before she converted to Islam and started reading about Islam some time ago.

  • Inspired by Islamic teachings, Ruby Jesse formally converted to Islam in the presence of witnesses in a mosque in the Netherlands.

  • The kickboxer's move is being hailed by Muslim communities around the world, and photos of Ruby in hijab have also gone viral on social media since she converted to Islam.

  • It should be noted that in 2016, Ruby Jesia's neck was broken due to a terrible car accident, after which she underwent successful surgery.

  • The crash severely damaged Ruby Jesse's emerging boxing and martial arts career.

  • It took Ruby Jesse several months to recover mentally and physically, and a year and a half later, The Lady Tyson stepped into boxing.


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