Defeat Trump, Biden elected President of the us

Sunday, November 8, 2020

 Defeat Trump, Biden elected President of the us 

  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the US presidential election by an undefeated lead over Donald Trump and can now be the 46th president of the us .
  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden, 77, won quite the specified 270 electoral votes within the state of Pennsylvania and Nevada, leaving trump of the race.
  • According to the Associated Press, Democratic candidate Joe Biden defeated Republican Donald Trump in Pennsylvania and Nevada to win 20 and 6 electoral votes, respectively, giving him the specified 270 electoral votes to become president. Crossed the amount 
  • Following the results of Pennsylvania and Nevada, Biden received 290 electoral votes, while Trump received 214 votes.
  • Counting is underway in three more states, where Biden's victory are going to be officially announced after the vote count is completed. In those states, albeit Trump wins, Biden's lead won't be affected.
  • Shortly before the Pennsylvania result, Trump announced his victory during a tweet.
  • Joe Biden will expect the administration on January 20, 2021. Donald Trump is that the main president since George W. Bramble Sr. in 1992 to be reappointed.
  • Joe Biden is that the highest-voting president in US history with quite 70 million votes. additionally , Donald Trump also received 70 million votes and is that the second most voted.
  • Corona was given the choice of postal voting and pre-election voting within the US election this point , which has led to an outsized turnout.
  • Kamala Harris, of Indian descent, has been elected the primary woman and black vice chairman in American history
  • With the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden within the 59th US presidential election, Kamala Harris has become the primary female US vice chairman in history.
  • Indian-born Kamala Devi Harris is assumed to be the primary woman in American history, the primary Black woman and therefore the first South Asian vice chairman .
  • Kamala Harris is that the first female vice chairman within the 231-year history of the us and therefore the 49th person to succeed in the post.


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