Decision to investigate alleged forgery for Diana's interview, Pakistani-born journalist

Saturday, November 14, 2020

 Decision to investigate alleged forgery for Diana's interview, Pakistani-born journalist


  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has ordered a re-investigation of possible counterfeiting allegations in an interview with the late Princess Diana.
  • The interview, aired in 1995 on the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) documentary program Panorama, was arranged by Martin Bashir, a British journalist of Pakistani descent who is currently the broadcaster's religious affairs representative.
  • In a recent documentary aired on another British company, Martin Bashir is accused of using forgery to persuade Princess Diana to an interview and using fake documents to convince the princess that the royal family Family members were spying on him.
  • The agency alleges that Martin Bashir created forged bank documents with the help of a graphic designer for this purpose, after which the BBC has decided to investigate the matter and it is possible that now Martin Bashir has more for the BBC Could not work
  • Martin Bashir's reaction in this regard has not come to light because he is not feeling well at the moment. He has recently had a heart bypass operation and is struggling with post-Corona complications.
  • The British broadcaster said in a statement that it was taking the allegations "very seriously".
  • In the interview, Princess Diana confirmed the news of her failed marriage, Prince Charles' infidelity and relationship with Camilla Parker, and also confessed to a five-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend James Hewitt.
  • The 1995 interview was viewed by more than 20 million people in the UK.
  • It should be noted that Prince Charles was first married to Lady Diana, which could not be maintained due to which Lady Diana had declared Camilla Parker, the girlfriend of Prince Charles.
  • Lady Diana died in a car accident in Paris in August 1997, after which Prince Charles and Camilla Parker were married in 2005.


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