Corona virus: Denmark's decision to kill 17 million aquatic navies

Friday, November 6, 2020

 Corona virus: Denmark's decision to kill 17 million aquatic navies

  • Following the discovery of a mutated form of the corona virus, which is transmitted to humans by water neoplasms (MINX), Denmark has announced that it will kill all water neoplasms in the country.
  • Danish Prime Minister Matt Friedrichson says health experts have discovered a form of corona in humans and aquatic navies that had less antibody effect and could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine in the future. Is.
  • According to the foreign news agency, the Prime Minister of Denmark said that "we have a great responsibility to our population and now with the discovery of this new type of responsibility we have a greater responsibility for the whole world."
  • Remember that Denmark is the largest exporter of naval skins in Europe.
  • According to Danish authorities, five cases of the new strain of the virus have been reported in waterfowl farms and 12 in humans.
  • Officials say the number of naval vessels in Denmark is between 15 million and 17 million.
  • The point of view of scientists
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark has said that police, army and domestic guards will be deployed to expedite the destruction of naval vessels.
  • A Danish vaccine expert has warned that a new wave of corona virus could be triggered by the type of virus found in these waterfowl.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) official Catherine Smallwood says there is a risk that the virus could be transmitted from aquatic humans to humans.


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